Company Productions




Advertising Spot

Create TV advertisements  for your company up to one minute. You can use our catchy  scripts, our creative directors and  the most modern television and film equipment.




We can create  a short video presentation of your company (showreel)  one to three minutes duration. We will find a creative way to promote your  products and services to the general public and the modern market.



Documentary of your company

We produce documentaries of ten minutes duration  or more. Discover the power of image and enhance it into the dynamic of your business, while promoting your products and services.

Presentations of your company and Events Coverage.

Escape from the boring scene capture coverage of events and allow us to  produce and direct your views in a professional manner.



Multimedia DVD

Use the power of image and sound in multimedia applications CD / DVD with the possibility of adding and editing audiovisual files, the  use of sound effects and music information and the presentation of your company. A picture is worth a thousand words… The combination of audio, video, text and graphics move in CD / DVD is a unique way to promote a message and gives the best promotional effect.